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Hi, I’m Maksudur Rahman, owner of this website. I am an international SEO and Digital Marketing expert who is specialized in white hat SEO techniques. Through a number of well thought and planned out methods, my goal is to get your business website a high level of organic traffic that is both sustainable and growing.

Why should you hire me?

First and foremost,I am well experienced in the marketing arena to understand customer psyche. I am always on the lookout for how consumers behave and what drives them to engage or make purchases. I have a thorough and all-round grasp of important online marketing techniques and can provide you some of the most effective SEO and Digital Marketing services that will get your company noticed on both the local and worldwide scene. I make it a point to keep myself abreast of all the latest updates in google ranking algorithm as well as new marketing strategies, techniques and trends. Google tends to update its search algorithms quite frequently, so I make sure I update my SEO tactics on my client websites accordingly. Most importantly, I understand the importance of trust and transparency in my work. Through use of detailed and easy to understand reports, I always make it a point to keep my clients up to date with the status of the work and how their company website is doing.

I know that a lot of SEO experts offer to bring your website to the front page of search engines within the shortest possible time. And many often do accomplish that too. However, this does not necessarily always work to the benefit of your business. Your business does not need temporary spikes in results. It needs a healthy flow of traffic and customers who will want to return to you again and again. After all, you have invested a lot in your business and want it to prosper. For this, I ensure that I set and deliver specific, achievable and measurable goals. What I do is look at the Big Picture.

How will your Company Benefit?

Many people feel that hiring an SEO expert is a waste of money. However, it is very important to know how cost-effective this can be for your organization in the long run. In order to reap more benefits online, you need to have an effective online presence. For this, it is important to be constantly looking out for changes in audiences, search behaviors and search engine algorithms. As effective as this is, being a business owner or general marketing expert, this can be difficult to do. A strong background and knowledge in SEO and digital marketing is of prime importance, since sometimes, small errors in optimization could end up costing your company much more. Once your search engine ranks fall, so will your leads, sales, conversions and thereby profits. Therefore, hiring an SEO and Digital Marketing expert like me will be in the best interest of your company.

You can entrust me with your website and rest assured that your business is in good hands. I offer nothing less than the best SEO and Digital Marketing services that you can find.



Business Owner, Texas

‘Maksudur Rahman is truly an expert SEO service provider. He is always available whenever I need him and communicates clearly and politely whenever he needs any information. His techniques have helped my site gain rank quite steadily and Maksud’s consistent efforts are the reason for this. His reports are clear, concise and to the point and they always reach me before my asking. Most importantly, he always made it a point to let me know if a certain request of mine was not feasible enough, rather than just saying yes and then failing later. I appreciate this integrity of his and hope others also benefit from his services.’



Independent Artist, Los Angeles

‘Maksud has really done a great job in transforming my company’s digital media strategy to reality. We had hired him to combine social media platforms with our sales and marketing strategies. But he went on to deliver much more. He meticulously planned every implementation and gave us insights into factors we had never even taken into consideration. He has a high degree of expertise in social marketing strategies and was always intuitive about my company’s requirements. He is focused in his work and has provided my company with some ideas and solutions that later proved to be quite cost-effective for me. I would recommend him and his services to others and would love to work with him again.’



Owner, Malaysia

‘I had always heard that local SEO and GMB listings are crucial if I want quick results and maximum sales. But I was in the dark about how to get it done. When I approached Maksud, he did not overload me too much jargon, but instead, clearly explained to me the whole process, how it is done and how he could help. I liked this transparency of his and hired him. In subsequent months, I found his promises to be true to his word too as I found higher traffic and sales through my website. I give Maksud blessings from my heart and highly recommend others to hire his services.’

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